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April 14 2017

100+ Club March 2017 Prize Draw has taken place - to find out who the winners were follow this link >>>

February 21 2017


The University of Birmingham is looking for people to take part in an online discussion group about scar management therapy.

If you would like to be involved, and are aged 16 or over, or have worn within the last 2 years, or are still wearing pressure garments to treat burn injuries, and/or using massage/creaming, please follow this link to download the details >>>

February 9 2017

Swimming Opportunity in London...

Sylvia, a member of the London Adult Burns Support Group, has been working hard to create opportunities for people with burns, scars and appearance differences to go swimming in a relaxed, welcoming environment without fear of being judged by others.

Her hard work is paying off; she is close to agreeing a deal with a leisure company, with pools in London, to host the group and, depending on the level of interest and success, it may be possible to expand to other locations and frequency.

Please contact her at sylvia@lovedisfigure.com for more information, updates, any questions and to register your interest.

Even if you are not a confident swimmer, Sylvia is a trained instructor and may well be able to support you in building your confidence in water.

January 11 2017


DFFB is assisting a doctoral thesis, by the University of Sheffield, into the effectiveness of online self-help intervention for adults with visible skin difference, including burns and scarring, by adding the link to the relevant questionnaire on its website.

For the avoidance of doubt, DFFB is not involved in any other way with this thesis or the work and activities in relation to it.

If you would like to know more about this initiative or be involved, please follow this link >>>

October 18 2016

Our 2016 Newsletter has now been published; to download a copy follow this link >>>

If you would like to catch up on news from earlier issues follow this link >>>

Hello Again website

Read about this exciting new project, sponsored by Dan's Fund for Burns, and browse the associated website.

Designed to support young people transitioning from children's burns services, the site aims to provide a helpful source of information for these young people, their parents/carers and health professionals alike.

Take a look at the Feature Article on our Home page, and read some more on our Current News page >>>

London Support Group


For details please go to Support Groups >>>

To take a look at the latest news concerning Dan's Fund for Burns recent activities and projects follow this link >>>

UK Burn Support Network Project

DFFB is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Jennifer Fitt as "UK Burn Support Network Project Manager".

Further to the Support Group Study of 2013, Danís Fund for Burns (DFFB) is now working towards establishing a UK-wide Burn Support Network.

DFFB would encourage all those in the UK Burns World who have ideas, and experience, related to Adult Support including Burn Survivors, Burn Service Staff & other charitable organisations supporting Burn Survivors, to contact Jennifer >>>

We look forward to your cooperation in the interest of moving this much needed facility quickly into reality.


To download the study report please follow this link >>>

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Fundraising News...

Charitable Bookings

DFFB has recently signed up to Charitable Bookings and, for those of you who enjoy eating out, if you make your reservations through Charitable Bookings, £1 per person goes to the Charity of your choice.

At the same time, IF you have a favourite Restaurant and find it's not listed, if you let Charitable Bookings know they will approach the Restaurant to see if they would be willing to participate.

We will shortly be issued with special cards with the DFFB logo and information - if you would like to have some of these, please contact us at info@dansfundforburns.org


Surrey Fundraisers organising events throughout the year - follow this link to find out more >>>


Feedback reports

Emirates Airline Rugby Long Lunch

Emirates Airline has again generously supported DFFB at this outstanding annual lunch.

Twelve years on we are so grateful for this support which annually gathers over 750 enthusiasts for an afternoon of outstanding entertainment.

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Dan's Fund for Burns :: News & Events :: Current news

Here you will find a sample of our recent and current projects, but for a more in depth understanding please go to the Newsletters section.


British Burn Association 2016 Annual Conference

Dan's Fund for Burns was represented at the 2016 British Burns Association Meetings by Joy Huston and Jennifer Fitt, and we were kindly hosted by Moor Instruments who promoted the Charity and shared their stand with us - we continue to be very appreciative of their support and interest.

The occasion presented an excellent opportunity for networking with members of Burns Services throughout the UK, as well as bringing together those interested in improving services for Burn Survivors.

After discussions with Burn Medical Staff, Jennifer Fitt was also able to glean a lot of information in her efforts to piece together the United Kingdom Adult Burn Survivor Network - more on this as it progresses...!

Young Adults - Transition

Hello Again

The Northern Burn Care Network, Clinical Psychologist Service Development Group (CPSDG), a group of psychologists who work together to improve the quality of care in Burns Services in the North of England, has been working diligently on this project to support young people making the transition from children's burn care into adult.

This project, funded by Dan's Fund for Burns, is now complete and the results are exciting, and a major presentation was given to the British Burns Association Conference this year in Newcastle - it was extremely well received and we are very proud to be associated with this most important piece of work.

The website, Hello Again, is now up and running, together with a very informative pamphlet which is to be distributed to all young adults in Burns Units.

The Dan's Fund for Burns Trustees would like to congratulate all those involved in the project, thanking them for their time, their imagination, and their efforts, devoted to the needs of young Burn Survivors.

Do have a look at the website for yourselves - follow this link >>>

The Appearance Collective

This initiative brings together members of many different Charities, and other interested parties, to seek how best to share and work together on the problems and solutions for disfigurement.
Dan's Fund for Burns has been, and continues to be represented by Polly Brooks, who maintains a strong networking base and presents relative input on behalf of Burn Survivors.

The Healing Foundation relaunched as the Scar Free Foundation

In July 2016, Dan's Fund for Burns was pleased to attend the launch of the Scar Free Foundation, originally known as the Healing Foundation.

The Foundation will concentrate on research across the board, on all areas of scarring, no matter how the scars were obtained.

The primary aim of the Scar Free Foundation is to achieve scar free healing within a generation, and transform the lives of those living with such disfiguring conditions.


Following the success of the Camouflage Service training, DFFB received requests from Burns Services regarding possible training in the art of Digital Skin Needling - yet another aid to scar management. Dan's Fund for Burns is delighted to announce a two-day course, conducted by Finishing Touches, is scheduled for May 6th and 17th, 2016.

Young Adults - 2016

Once again, Dan's Fund for Burns hosted 24 Young Adults for a weekend away - including seven for whom it was their first time. One young adult attending had been injured as an adult so it was their first time at any camp type event. Feedback has been positive, activities went well, most enjoyed the free time to talk and catch up and there have been some really positive comments about the workshop.


One young man wrote:

"I just wanted to send a short message to personally thank Dan's Fund for Burns for all your support in contributing towards the adult weekends. I have just returned from Essex from another weekend. Each time I return from these events, I learn something new about myself from talking to other survivors. Without your continued support this wouldn't be available."

Camouflage Services

2015 saw 16 Burns Units participate in a one day Refresher Course in the use of Camouflage and a further 8 new candidates who took the two day full course - both courses underwritten by Dan's Fund for Burns. We are delighted that this service can be in-house so there is easy access for in-patients as well as out-patients. The courses were run by the British Association of Camouflage Services.

Feedback from Units and patients who have used their on-site camouflage makeup training has been exciting and the overwhelming interest in having this facility on-site is extremely rewarding.

Bristol - Southmead Hospital NHS Trust Burns Unit

Dan's Fund for Burns recently funded the purchase of a special wheelchair for use by Burn Survivors who require one specifically designed with burn injuries in mind.

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

The Trustees were invited to a luncheon to formerly handover the Meek Mesher, and Laser Doppler. The occasion also marked the opening of the magnificent new Adult Burns Unit. The Trustees were given an informative tour of this brand new facility and also the new Children's Burn Unit. These new facilities are a great improvement, which contributes to the high standard of burn care provided by Chelsea & Westminster. Dan's Fund for Burns was formerly thanked by members of the Burn Unit Staff and Executives of the Hospital not only for these two major donations, but also for all the assistance given to Chelsea & Westminster by the Charity.


The Laser Doppler machine, costing £48,700, assesses blood flow in different colours, which helps guide the surgeon on whether or not surgery is required on the burnt area. Using a combination of clinical examination and experience with this machine, the accuracy of judging the need, or not, for surgery is increased from around 60% to over 90%. Dan's Fund for Burns would like to acknowledge Moor Instruments regarding suitable discounts for the several Laser Dopplers the Charity has purchased over recent years.


A Meek Mesher, costing £10,858, was also purchased for the Burns Unit and Dan's Fund for Burns would like to acknowledge Eurosurgical for their generous discount. This equipment cuts pieces of skin into small squares and then separates the pieces of skin on a gause swab so they can be easily applied to a burn wound and cover much a larger area (6-12 times) than would have been possible with the original piece of skin. Using this technology, large total body surface area burns can be healed where there is very limited donor skin available and can mean the difference between a patients surviving or succumbing to infection and multi-organ failure. This machine is used in skin grafting.


January 12, 2015

The Dan's Fund for Burns trustees were invited to a luncheon to formerly handover two pieces of major equipment, a Meek Mesher and a Laser Doppler.

The occasion also marked the opening of the magnificent new Adult Burns Unit which the Trustees were given an informative tour.

Dan's Fund for Burns was formerly thanked by members of the Burns Unit Staff and the Chief Executive of the Hospital, not only for these two major donations, but for all the assistance given to Chelsea & Westminster by the Charity over several years.

St. Andrew's Hospital Centre, Broomfield, has also recently taken possession of a Meek Mesher machine, as described above and costing £10,585, and Trustees will attend a formal handover of the equipment in March 2015.

Swansea - Welsh Centre for Burns

The Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery at Morriston Hospital has received a specialist Sara Plus hoist thanks to a £6,000 donation. This is the first Sara Plus hoist for the centre and donations came from the families and friends of patients and the Dan's Fund for Burns. The mobile motorised hoist provides patients with the extra help and support they need to be moved from a sitting to standing position. It also supports the safe transfer of patients from bed to chair or commode. Patients with burns injuries are significantly weaker and this hoist helps them gain strength and confidence in moving. By removing the foot protector the hoist can also support patients to walk again.


One of the patients who raised money for the new hoist is 40 year old Lisa Michell from Truro, Cornwall. She said: "After my accident, the care I received at the Welsh Centre for Burns was nothing short of first class. My husband found support from Dan's Fund for Burns in the aftermath of the incident and we were delighted to help raise funds so the charity could purchase the hoist for the centre. Being seriously burnt is incredibly painful, I would have benefited from this hoist during my spell in intensive care. It will really help other patients who unfortunately find themselves in a similar predicament to be a bit more comfortable. The money was donated by friends, family, colleagues, our local community centre put on a fundraising nativity play on Christmas Eve and a friend will be running the London Marathon in support of the charity, so hopefully more funds will be on the way."


Physiotherapist Menna Davies added: "Up until now we had to borrow the hoist from other clinical areas to assist with treatment and the rehabilitation progress. I'm really pleased that we have our own hoist for the department it is invaluable. I can't stress enough that this is a vital piece of equipment and is used in the very acute stage of burn recovery, when nursing staff and therapists need to assist a burns patient to walk again."


The Dan's Fund for Burns was established by Polly Miller after her husband Dan, best friend and seven other friends were killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. Polly was badly burnt herself and learnt first hand just how painful and devastating, both physically and emotionally, it is to be burnt. Attending the presentation event Polly's mum Rosemary Derby said: "I'm really happy to be here today and to see this amazing equipment in action. It's very impressive and is already making a difference to your patients. I wanted to personally thank Lisa and her family for the amazing fundraising efforts, which has also meant that we can donate an iPad to each of the burns units across the UK, thank you so much."

iPad Project

Dan's Fund for Burns has recently provided 16 iPads to UK-Burns Units. These will be used for Occupational Therapy, and to help relieve boredom for burns survivors while they spend long periods in hospital, particularly as TV rental costs are very high in most Burns Units.

Response from the Units has been extremely rewarding and very positive.

Support Group Study

During the past year, Dan's Fund for Burns funded a major study on UK-wide Support Groups for Burns Survivors. The study was conducted by Camilla Batchelor in conjunction with Dr. Lisa Williams (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Burns Unit). The study was presented to the British Burns Association Annual Conference and we look forward to further follow-up from Burns Unit Services as to how support for burn survivors can be improved once they leave the comfort zone of Hospital care.

To download the study report please follow this link >>>

Frenchay Hospital Burns Services Unit, Bristol

Dan's Fund provided major funding for Burns in the amount of £51,220 for the purchase of a new Laser Doppler Machine. This machines assesses the blood flow in different colours, which helps guide the surgeon on whether or not surgery is required. Using a combination of clinical examination and experience with this machine, the accuracy of judging the need or not for surgery is increased from around 60% to over 90%.

Morriston Hospital Burns Service, Swansea

Dan's Fund for Burns has contributed towards the purchase of a manual hoist machine which was urgently needed in order to make moving patients more comfortable.

Morriston Hospital Burns Services Unit Swansea – Outreach Programme

Morriston Hospital Burns Unit has initiated a series of "Study Days" which are strongly supported by Dan's Fund for Burns. As the Morriston Hospital is the Welsh Centre for Burns, its regional service treats patients over a huge geographical area. Patients are normally referred to their local district and practice nurses, therapy and community re-ablement teams. It has become increasingly clear that many of these local professionals have little experience with burns and have welcomed the opportunity to benefit from specialist training at the Study Days. Dan's Fund for Burns strongly supports this initiative and hopes that it can be expanded over time so that a better understanding of the burns injuries, both physical and emotional, is available to survivors closer to home.


Many more individuals have benefited from the emergency funding made available by Dan's Fund for Burns. We have recently covered, among other areas of assistance, funeral expenses, furniture and clothing where all has been destroyed by fire, an iPad to a long-hospitalized patient, and many requests for assistance with transportation costs to and from hospitals for families, and later for outpatient treatment and on occasion overnight costs for families of individuals in intensive care.

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