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October 23 2020

Our 2020 Newsletter has now been published; to download a copy follow this link >>>

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February 9 2021

Weekly Burn Support Online Live Chat

Every Wednesday evening, 7.30-9.00pm (UK time), please join our online burn support Live Chat.

For more information on how to register and join the chat please follow this link >>>

February 9 2021

100+ CLUB

Join our 100+ club and be in with a chance to win a monthly prize.

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February 9 2021

Upcoming Events

Please check our events calendar for any upcoming events - follow this link >>>

December 11 2019

Machines for Burns Services...

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust received a Meek Mesher Machine from Dan's Fund for Burns.

For more information, please follow this link >>>

Hello Again website

Read about this exciting new project, sponsored by Dan's Fund for Burns, and browse the associated website.

Designed to support young people transitioning from children's burns services, the site aims to provide a helpful source of information for these young people, their parents/carers and health professionals alike.

Take a look at the Feature Article on our Home page, and read some more on our Current News page >>>

London Support Group


For details please go to Support Groups >>>

To take a look at the latest news concerning Dan's Fund for Burns recent activities and projects follow this link >>>


The Adult Burn Support UK website brings together the most helpful resources and information available to burned adults, families and friends, burns practitioners and anyone else interested.

Burn Professionals and Burn Survivors have provided advice and input and contributed to the content of the site for which Dan's Fund for Burns is extremely grateful - to access the site and see what's available, please follow this link >>>

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Charitable Bookings

DFFB has recently signed up to Charitable Bookings and, for those of you who enjoy eating out, if you make your reservations through Charitable Bookings, £1 per person goes to the Charity of your choice.

At the same time, IF you have a favourite Restaurant and find it's not listed, if you let Charitable Bookings know they will approach the Restaurant to see if they would be willing to participate.

We will shortly be issued with special cards with the DFFB logo and information - if you would like to have some of these, please contact us at info@dansfundforburns.org


Surrey Fundraisers organising events throughout the year - to find out more, follow this link >>>


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Emirates Airline Rugby Long Lunch

Emirates Airline has again generously supported DFFB at this outstanding annual lunch.

Twelve years on we are so grateful for this support which annually gathers over 750 enthusiasts for an afternoon of outstanding entertainment.

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Dan's Fund for Burns :: Need some help? :: Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT  DOES  IT  MEAN  TO  BE  BURNED?     Burns can be a lifetime sentence...!

How do burns affect the skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, it controls our temperature. It prevents infection, has 5 layers, is flexible and elastic. When the skin is burnt, it literally peals off you - leaving the surface raw rather like a rare steak. This large scale removal is absolute agony and the pain cannot be drug controlled for at least 3 weeks.


How long does it take for burns to heal?

To heal the open, raw surface area, surgeons take the top layer of skin from donor sites i.e. unburned areas of the body and then staples it over the wounds. Unfortunately, the take up rate of grafts is roughly 70%, so most burns victims need several rounds of surgery.


What long term problems are burns victims left with?

Scarring, discolouration, disfigurement, itching and pain are the long term legacy of such horrific trauma to the body. Most victims will have the prospect of further grafting and skin releasing operations in future years to come. Other than the scarring & disfigurement there is ongoing pain as the skin is no longer elastic and becomes very sensitive to the sun.


What is the difference between a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burn?

There are 3 different degrees of burn:

  • Superficial or 1st Degree
    • burns only affect the outer layer of the skin (epidermis)
    • redness & swelling seen with sharp burning pain but skin will heal naturally leaving no scarring within a week or so.
  • Partial Thickness or 2nd Degree
    • both the outer layer (epidermis) and the under layer (dermal layer) are affected by the burn
    • blistering, redness & swelling and sever pain felt – with treatment often the skin can heal without skin grafts and can leave scarring.
  • Full Thickness or 3rd Degree
    • both the outer layer & under layer are totally destroyed and deeper tissue layers, muscles and even bone can be affected by the burn
    • skin can appear charred, white or black
    • pain on the burn site is often reduced as the nerve endings can be completely destroyed but the surrounding burn area is extremely painful
    • the Burn site looses sensation and skin grafts are necessary for survival.


What is the survival rate for burns victims?

To work out the likelihood of survival from burns use this simple calculation: Age of patient + % burnt. The lower the result the better but the rule of thumb is that anything over 100 is extremely bad news.


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