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October 23 2020

Our 2020 Newsletter has now been published; to download a copy follow this link >>>

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February 9 2021

Weekly Burn Support Online Live Chat

Every Wednesday evening, 7.30-9.00pm (UK time), please join our online burn support Live Chat.

For more information on how to register and join the chat please follow this link >>>

February 9 2021

100+ CLUB

Join our 100+ club and be in with a chance to win a monthly prize.

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February 9 2021

Upcoming Events

Please check our events calendar for any upcoming events - follow this link >>>

December 11 2019

Machines for Burns Services...

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust received a Meek Mesher Machine from Dan's Fund for Burns.

For more information, please follow this link >>>

Hello Again website

Read about this exciting new project, sponsored by Dan's Fund for Burns, and browse the associated website.

Designed to support young people transitioning from children's burns services, the site aims to provide a helpful source of information for these young people, their parents/carers and health professionals alike.

Take a look at the Feature Article on our Home page, and read some more on our Current News page >>>

London Support Group


For details please go to Support Groups >>>

To take a look at the latest news concerning Dan's Fund for Burns recent activities and projects follow this link >>>


The Adult Burn Support UK website brings together the most helpful resources and information available to burned adults, families and friends, burns practitioners and anyone else interested.

Burn Professionals and Burn Survivors have provided advice and input and contributed to the content of the site for which Dan's Fund for Burns is extremely grateful - to access the site and see what's available, please follow this link >>>

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Charitable Bookings

DFFB has recently signed up to Charitable Bookings and, for those of you who enjoy eating out, if you make your reservations through Charitable Bookings, £1 per person goes to the Charity of your choice.

At the same time, IF you have a favourite Restaurant and find it's not listed, if you let Charitable Bookings know they will approach the Restaurant to see if they would be willing to participate.

We will shortly be issued with special cards with the DFFB logo and information - if you would like to have some of these, please contact us at info@dansfundforburns.org


Surrey Fundraisers organising events throughout the year - to find out more, follow this link >>>


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Emirates Airline Rugby Long Lunch

Emirates Airline has again generously supported DFFB at this outstanding annual lunch.

Twelve years on we are so grateful for this support which annually gathers over 750 enthusiasts for an afternoon of outstanding entertainment.

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Welcome to Dan's Fund for Burns

Mr Baljit Dheansa joins Dan’s Fund For Burns as Patron
Dan's Fund for Burns UK :: Providing Practical Help For Burn Survivors :: Making Good From Evil :: Patrons - Professor Fiona Wood

Dan's Fund For Burns (DFFB) is delighted to announce that Mr Baljit Dheansa, Consultant Plastic Surgeon has joined the DFFB team as a Patron in January 2021


Baljit is a well-respected and renowned Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.  Having trained at QVH, he was made a Consultant there in 2003 and specialises in burn care.

In addition to his Queen Victoria Hospital role, he is a member of the London and South East Burn Operational Delivery Network, the British Burns Association Research Committee and the Scar Free Foundation Research Council.

He is involved in many aspects of research and has participated in several clinical trials in the field of burns, as well as supporting basic and translational science projects.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the field of burns and is a most welcomed addition to the team.  We look forward to working with Baljit and benefiting from his knowledge base to further enhance the work of the charity and improve the lives of adult burn survivors wherever possible.


Children's Burns Trust Parent/Carer Group

Dan's Fund for Burns new contact details...


The Children's Burns Trust (CBT) has launched a private Facebook Group where parents and carers of children with a burn or scald injury can communicate and support one another.


If you are a parent or carer of a burn survivor and would like to join this private group please follow this link >>>

For further information or to contact CBT, please email info@cbtrust.org.uk


We're still available to help you during CoVid-19...


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Dan's Fund for Burns is still here to provide practical support and guidance to adult burn survivors, so please get in touch if you need help or emotional support.


This is a helpful guide from the NHS identifying areas and activities in your homes for exercising caution and avoiding injury during self-isolation...


Dan's Fund for Burns new contact details...


Our weekly online burn support Live Chat is available every Wednesday evening, 7.30-9.00pm - please join to share experiences and mutually support each other, more information is available here >>>


The British Burn Association has put together some safety advice for the public which can be accessed here >>>


If you’re worried about Coronavirus, the NHS has put together 10 tips to help which can be found here, and the World Health Organisation has a leaflet for coping with stress during the coronavirus outbreak which can be downloaded here >>>


Please keep safe and well and do get in touch if necessary.

If, during this time, you'd like to write and share your burns story with us, please feel free to do so and email it, along with some photos, to info@dansfundforburns.org.

We're updating our website and would be happy to include and share your stories on the new site.


Dan's Fund for Burns new contact details...


Dan's Fund for Burns new contact details...


To download a copy of the flyer containing the new contact details, please follow this link >>>


Administrative changes at Dan's Fund For Burns
17th January 2020

Dan's Fund for Burns is sad to announce that Joy Huston will step down from her official role as Administrator for the Charity.

Over the past 13 years Joy has worked tirelessly and will be sorely missed, but has more than earned her retirement and is still keen to stay involved in a less official role.

Meanwhile, Polly Brooks, MBE, has taken over the position of Charity Director, having resigned from the Board of Trustees.

In this new role, Polly will lead the Charity strategically, focusing on its overall vision and goals, as well as the day to day operations.

Assisting Polly in this role will be Jennifer Fitt and Natasha Padda.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Joy for all her incredible work and dedication over these years.


Joy Huston retire after 13 years of service...


Queen's New Year Honours 2020 – Congratulations to Polly!

Dan' s Fund for Burns is proud to announce that its Founder and Chair, Bali bomb survivor, Polly Brooks (Miller), has been awarded the Order of a “Member of the British Empire” (MBE) in the 2020 Queen’s New Year Honours List.

Dan's Fund For Burns is an Adult Burns Charity (Charity number: 1098720), set up in the wake of the Bali bombing when Polly lost her first husband, Dan Miller, and received 43% body burns.

This award commends her for her amazing and dedicated work over the past 17 years, raising money to help Adult Burns Survivors, Burn Services and Burn Services staff throughout the United Kingdom.


Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018
Fundraising for Dan's Fund at the
2020 Royal Parks Half Marathon

Thank you to all those runners who have signed up for the 2020 Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 11 October, 2020?


More news will be forthcoming, so watch this space...!


Practical Help For Burns Survivors

A major burn injury can be a lifetime sentence. Recovery often involves prolonged hospitalisation and surgery, immense pain and a lengthy rehabilitation process. However there is an urgent need for support for burn survivors beyond their dismissal from the intensive care and treatment provided in hospital.


Dan's Fund for Burns, a registered burns charity was established by Polly Miller after her husband Dan, best friend and seven other friends were killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. Polly was badly burnt herself and learnt first hand just how painful and devastating, both physically and emotionally, it is to be burnt. You can read Polly's story in the History section.


The main aim of Dan's Fund for Burns is identifying those most in need of help and providing it in a swift and practical way. Polly saw the great need for ongoing support for those affected by burn injuries and realised there are many victims receiving virtually no support from their family or the health service. For more information please go to the Aims & Mission section.


Dan's Fund for Burns is here to help you if you are Burn Survivor and we are always pleased to hear from people like you. Some of their stories and contributions can be found in the Survivors stories section.


Do you know...

  • How burns affect the skin?
  • How long does it take for burns to heal?
  • What long term problems burns victims are left with?
  • What is the difference between a 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burn?
  • What is the survival rate for burns victims?


To find out more, go to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.







The Adult Burn Support UK website brings together the most helpful resources and information available to burned adults, families and friends, burns practitioners and anyone else interested.


It covers many aspects of support including Emotional Wellbeing, Rehabilitation, Appearance and Research; it will act as a hub to signpost users to what services and information are available in their area and how to access them.


Burn Professionals and Burn Survivors have provided advice and input and contributed to the content of the site for which Dan's Fund for Burns is extremely grateful - to access the site and see what's available, please follow this link >>>


To download a copy of the full Press Release, please click on the logo above, or follow this link >>>


Adult Brun Support UK Live Chat...


Adult Burn Support UK (ABSUK)


To participate in the Live Chat, users must be registered and logged in so, if you would like to share your experiences or discuss any issues you may be having in relation to burns, please register ahead of time and then login on the night.

For more information including how to register, please follow this link - Adult Burn Support UK Live Chat...


Dan’s Fund for Burns is providing this Live Chat support service alongside the ABSUK Forum as part of our ongoing Adult Burn Support UK Project, looking for ways to improve access to support for adult burn survivors.

We are always keen to hear what you think so please email any feedback, comments or queries to info@adultburnsupportuk.org


The British Skin Foundation: Skin Cancer Facts...
'Acid' attacks have been increasing in some areas...
NHS England has produced a leaflet advising people how to deal with such an event...

The severity of a chemical burn can be reduced if action is taken as soon as possible to remove the chemical and contaminated clothing from contact with the skin or eyes. However, without appropriate care, helping yourself or others may lead to further injuries to the victim or contact injuries to the person helping them.


The majority of victims of acid attacks suffer only minor burns. These can usually be treated by ambulance and local hospital A&E staff, and will heal well with good burn care, including regular dressing changes and checks to prevent infection.


You can download a copy here, simply follow this link >>>



In compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for Charities,

you can download a copy of our Privacy Policy here>>>


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